22. February 2024

• The highly anticipated Meta Era Summit is all set to dazzle the world on September 12, 2023 in Singapore.
• It features an impressive lineup of nearly a hundred global luminaries and trailblazers as keynote speakers.
• Sponsors include BitMart, CertiK, iPollo, Web3Hub, Fenbushi Capital, G-Rocket and Cipholio Ventures alongside esteemed sponsors like Plug Chain, NuLink and Mindfulness Capital.

The Meta Era Summit

The highly anticipated Meta Era Summit is all set to dazzle the world on September 12th 2023 in Singapore. This electrifying summit brings together over a thousand industry insiders including entrepreneurs, investors, developers, academic experts, and media mavens to chart the uncharted territories of cutting-edge trends in the captivating worlds of Metaverse and Web3.

Keynote Speakers

This stellar lineup includes Hong Kong Legislative Council member and CPPCC member Johnny Ng; Founder of Nano Labs Jack Kong; Founder & CEO of BitMart Sheldon Xia; Founder and Chairman of the UN Blockchain Alliance International Alexandru Cujba; Professor Guoquan Li from Singapore University of Social Sciences; President Bohui Chen from Asian Academy of Digital Economics; HashKey Capital’s CEO Chao Deng; Global Head of Republic Crypto Andrew Durgee; CertiK’s COO Jason Cao; Founding Partner at Fenbushi Capital Peter Yang; G-Rocket’s CEO Caspar Wong; General Partner at Figment Capital James Parillo; Managing Director at Brinc Venture Capital Guillermo Ginesta ; Founder and CEO of Wachsman David Wachsman ; tech trailblazer Rishi Ramchandani heading Google’s Web3 business in Asia Pacific ; Co-Founderof Rarible Alexander Salnikov.


The summit is organized by blockchain media powerhouse Meta Era in partnership with title sponsors BitMart , CertiK , iPollo , Web3Hub . Co-organizers are Fenbushi Capital , G-Rocket , Cipholio Ventures . Esteemed sponsors include Plug Chain , NuLink , Mindfulness Capital . Additional support comes from media partners Coinmedia amongst others.


The objective of this summit is to provide insights into limitless applications for blockchain technology as well as game changing investment opportunities for attendees.


The Meta Era Summit will be an electrifying event that brings together visionaries across industries to gain insight into the possibilities offered by blockchain technology. With its impressive lineup of keynote speakers and generous sponsorship from leading companies it promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend!