22. February 2024

• Tezos, formerly a leader in the NFT space, is experiencing a slowdown in its momentum.
• InQubeta, an AI-focused platform that democratizes investments in high-potential AI startups, is gaining traction with investors around the globe.
• Tezos’ waning interest in NFTs reflects the cyclical nature of the market and general cooling-off in the hype surrounding NFTs.

Tezos Loses Momentum

Tezos was once leading the way in the non-fungible token (NFT) space but has since experienced a downturn in its momentum. This can be attributed to various factors such as stiff competition from other platforms, the cyclical nature of the market, and overall cooling off of hype around NFTs. Despite this current slowdown, Tezos remains a prominent player in the blockchain world.

InQubeta’s Rapid Rise

In contrast to Tezos’ decline, InQubeta is quickly gaining traction amongst investors worldwide with its groundbreaking project to bridge retail investors and high-potential AI startups. Its native crypto token QUBE has been at the heart of this growing buzz due to its deflationary model which promises to create scarcity by burning tokens for every transaction made on its platform – potentially boosting QUBE’s value over time. The project’s presale phase has already seen remarkable progress with over $2 million raised so far.

Factors Behind Contrasting Events

The contrasting events between Tezos’ slowdown and InQubeta’s rapid rise can be attributed to several factors such as investor perception of long term potential and real world solutions offered by certain projects as opposed to short term speculation or hyped up trends like we have seen with NFTs recently.

What Does This Mean?

This shift towards projects offering tangible solutions over speculative investment opportunities indicates that sentiment within crypto markets are changing rapidly – making it important for investors to pay attention to developments within each sector closely before investing any capital into them.


Overall it seems that despite Tezos’ current decline in popularity within NFT markets, it remains a significant player within blockchain technology as a whole while InQubeta is rapidly gaining favor among investors for its innovative approach towards bridging retail investments and high potential AI startups through their native cryptocurrency token QUBE – marking an exciting new chapter for both projects moving forward into 2021