21. September 2023

Madeira: A Bitcoiners Paradise

• Madeira is a peaceful Portuguese island 600 miles off the coast of Portugal, known for its warm climate and rich cultural heritage.
• Tourism is the mainstay of the local economy, however natural resources are limited.
• Pleb Music recently shot a documentary on Madeira to showcase its potential as an up-and-coming Bitcoin base.

Exploring The Pearl Of The Atlantic

Madeira is an idyllic island located in the Atlantic Ocean some 600 miles off the coast of Portugal. Popular amongst tourists for its breathtaking landscapes, temperate climate and cultural richness, it’s no wonder why Bitcoiners are now looking to explore this beautiful destination. With regular direct flights to New York and low-cost connections to European cities, traveling to Madeira has become easier than ever before.

Economy Of An Island State

As with many other small island developing states (SIDS), Madeira’s economy is limited by its area. Its exports include bananas, passion fruit, tea and wine but these commodities don’t bring in much money. In order to keep their economy ticking over during winter months they have diversified their tourism industry with ecotourism and digital nomads working remotely from the island — helping them reduce their average age of holidaymakers too!

Bitcoin Adoption On Madeira

The potential benefits Bitcoin can bring to Madeiran citizens are clear; remittances sent from relatives abroad can be made quickly and cheaply using cryptocurrency — something traditional banking systems lack for those living on islands like this one. There’s also the possibility that more companies will start accepting Bitcoin payments in order to draw in more tourists from different parts of the world — something that would benefit both locals and businesses alike!

Why You Should Visit Madeira?

In conclusion, when deciding where you should go next on your travels as a Bitcoiner – consider visiting Madeira! Not only does it boast stunning views and delicious food, but it could be one step closer towards becoming an early adopter of cryptocurrencies across Europe — so why not get involved yourself?